GM wanted to sell new web-based portfolio system to an in-house client who licensed the software to run in their data center. Client had failed three times to write a web-based system and requested assistance. Client had only mainframe development/support staff and was not positioned to take on open system technology. Client needed two years to staff the necessary technology personnel to handle UNIX/Linux-based components for the system before they could go live in production, but GM wanted immediate revenue recognition.

Analyzed three-tier architecture to find a service demarcation that would allow deployment across both data centers. Assembled small group of development and system personnel, and created web-hosting service in Denver that leveraged redundant DS3 WAN circuits connected to their backend mainframe system for brokerage data in Cleveland. After a quick proof-of-concept test, presented client plan for hosting the complex, open-system applications in company’s data center while client ran mainframe services locally.

Client licensed the web system, bringing in $20M per year within the current fiscal year, which recognized revenue two years early. After using product for six months, client signed for an additional $5M in development to enhance the product. GM was thrilled, and client is enjoying a new web service that they previously spent $100M trying to develop without success.

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