Client’s data center was failing to finish batch processing before market open, and traders were unable to service clients during heavy processing days like end-of-month and dividend-payable days. Their COO requested help. Because applications were licensed to clients, company had an interest in ensuring their success. Clients routinely rewrote or added code to these programs or innovated deployment and management of NSK systems. GM was looking for a quick fix because he was negotiating a new five-year maintenance contract with them.

Assumed responsibility to provide consultant service to identify problems in client’s data center to address COO’s concerns. Gathered a team of experts in necessary disciplines and designed an action plan, which started with a one-on-one interview with the COO. Group interviews with management personnel were conducted and update meetings scheduled throughout the week the team was onsite. Conducted a thorough performance analysis on all mainframes, networks, and open systems. Observed several batch and real-time processing days and compiled a list of major concerns. After management reviews, worked with programming and system/operations staff to make changes.

COO was extremely pleased with the results, as batch processing was completed daily before market open. Batch processing window was reduced by four hours, system response time improved 40%, and client was able to defer hardware CPU purchases in excess of $5M. All items were accomplished during one week spent onsite with the client.

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