When GM wanted to buy a web-hosting trading front end, personally tasked with evaluating and migrating the application into data center with strict guidelines on controlling expense and strengthening the product architecture for high availability. Very young group of highly successful technology and product associates designed a very attractive trading application that suffered from outdated technology and inefficient system-management controls.

Working with chief architect, evaluated points of failure, addressed transaction delivery services on all three tiers of the application design, and analyzed system deployment resources. Within the six-month migration project plan, changed web-services resources, strengthened relational database design, and standardized system components for short-term acquisition. Established long-term requirements for substantial client growth.

Front-end systems migrated from Windows to Linux, Sybase replaced Unidata as the relational database, and the long-term replacement of CGI scripts were replaced by JBoss application server within the six-month data center transition. Monthly expense savings hit 50%, performance capability increased 300%, and client availability boosted from 75% to 99.9%.

Project reaped amazing success, undertaking 50 new technology products, implementation of Linux in the data center, and expense management of an acquisition that actually decreased run-rates in the first month of business. Today, more than 100 service-bureau clients, like Bank of America, Key Bank, US Clearing, and dozens of high-profile trading firms run this product. The GM now has a competitive front-end that connects to any back office system that will allow him to get his foot in the door to sell the portfolio of products.

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